Believing an Old Promise

In Deuteronomy 1:8, Moses is addressing the children of Israel at the end of 40 years in the wilderness. He is encouraging them to go in and possess the land which God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Exodus 12:40 says that Israel sojourned in Egypt 430 years. They were in the wilderness 40 years, and God made the promsie to Abraham before the nation of Israel even existed. Moses is encouraging the Israelites to believe in a promise given at least 500 years earlier. It was around 500 years before God brought the promise to pass, but God is faithful.

When we study the Bible, we see that many of God's promises have taken long periods of time to be fulfilled. God told Noah there would be a flood, and it didn't come for 120 years. God told humanity that He would send a Savior in Genesis 3:15, and He didn't come for 4000 years. God told Israel that He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in Joel 2:28, and that didn't occur for 700-800 years.

Even though God's promises may take a long time to be fulfilled, the Bible shows us that if God says He will do something, He is faithful to fulfill His Word. We also find that God's thoughts and purposes are different than ours. This passage in Deuteronomy 1:8 should encourage us to continue believing in promises that God has made to us. If God has said He wil do something, He is faithful to keep His Word. The Lord just needs us to continue to trust in Him so that we are in position to receive His promise when it happens. Jesus promised He would come again...are you ready?