Camp Don't-Be-Gone (From the Pastor's Wife)

Well, another year of camp has come and gone. We dreaded the packing and hauling it up there, but came away refreshed and so very glad we went.

And, perhaps, like every year, we come home from camp with a new determination to stay renewed and refreshed and committed in our walk with Christ – ready to take it to a new level and stop making excuses three weeks later. Perhaps we need some teamwork going on, some accountability - checking in with someone when we feel "blah" one day and don't really want to pray or don't really want to push ourselves to pick up the Word and read.

So – who's willing to be on the team? Can I call you and will you call me? This race we are running is so much easier to run when someone is by your side, cheering you on and encouraging you when you are slowing down. Maybe we should track the number of hours prayed in one church every week (in half hour increments) and the number of chapters read in the Bible.

Will we make an effort to be at church a half hour ahead of the scheduled start time so that we can get on our knees, pray, and usher in the presence of God so that the worship is anointed and flows, and that the ground is fertile for the Word when it comes forth? Will you be at prayer as well as at church services?

I know that there are souls who do not know Christ and who may never come to know Christ if we do not make a sincere and diligent effort to change our mindset and lifestyle so that the world sees Jesus in us in our everyday lives - at our work places, in our neighborhoods, in our schools, and other public arenas. Lord, change me, renew me, anoint me, abide with me and in me, and may I be more like you every day.