From the Pastor April 2012

"If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." (I Corinthians 15:19)

People wake up every day - and after getting beyond being tired and sleepy, they move through their days in their minds. What do I have to do today? What time do I have to be somewhere? Who am I going to see or meet or work with?

And underlying all those plans is an indefinable feeling that we usually gloss over. It is called Hope.

We don't always face a wonderful, relaxing, laidback, enjoyable day. Sometimes we may face a work day - and we may or may not enjoy our work and we may or may not like all the people we work with. If we are going to school - maybe we like our teacher(s) or maybe we dread that particular class because of the teacher. Some student may be unkind or a bully. Perhaps we are dealing with sickness or illness in our families or in our own bodies. The stresses of life are many.

We all face different circumstances each day as we live what we call life, but if we have given our lives to Christ, if we have taken His precious Name and Word into our hearts and lives, then we will approach whatever day we have ahead of us with a different mindset. Everything we do in our daily living can take on a new dimension because we can choose to define our day through His Word. We may not be happy with what we have to face in a particular day, but we can still have Joy because His Spirit lives within us and produces Hope.

Prayer can change all the various elements of life, and the outcome of a situation can change dramatically because we prayed about it. We can hope in Christ for a better day and a different outcome, but if He chooses not to change the details, we can still have peace in the midst of our day regardless of what the day brings because He never leaves us or forsakes us - and so He is with us through our everyday lives.

What a blessing! He came and lived and died so that we could have a relationship with Him; so that we could have Hope in our everyday lives; so that we could be a vessel carrying His love and light into our world and thereby give hope to someone else. Our Hope is not just for the day. It is eternal - giving us the courage to face today knowing that this day and every day are in His hand and in His control. There is no need for fear or misery when we have committed our lives and hearts to Him.