From the Pastor's Wife

Well, it's that time of year when we celebrate the amazing women in our lives on a day set aside that we call Mother's Day. Inevitably, references to the Proverbs 31 woman surface and we find ourselves peering into chapter 31 and begin comparing ourselves to what we could be. I am a huge proponent of always striving to improve one's self — better time managment, more prayer and Bible reading time, eat our less, eat in more, cook healthy meals, spend quality time with the family...the list goes on and on. Because we approach this chapter as "one more area in our lives where we fall short," we miss the encouragement found here.

I have often thought of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and wondered how she dealt with so many hardships in her life. First, finding out by an angel that she—a virgin—would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit in a day and age where unwed mothers were usually stoned to death or, at the very least, abandoned by society and their own family. How did she find the courage in what had to have been an intimidating situation—angel appears out of nowhere—to say, "Let it be as you have spoken to me"? Then, she had to break the news to her fiancé that she was pregnant...wondering if he would break the commitment he had made to marry her. The only way to "verify" the truth of the pregnancy announcement was to travel to see Elizabeth to see if she was, indeed, also pregnant. That trip was not across town via the bus. As she began to appear visibly with child, the stares and questioning eyes of those that wondered...yeah, do the math...there's no way she should be pregnant so soon...hmmm. The questioning in her own mind...wondering what it meant to actually be pregnant with the long-awaited Messiah of the Jewish people. Maybe she wondered, "Why me? What makes me worthy above all other women for the honor of bearing what we now call the Christ child?".

I feel pretty sure that Mary did as many of us women do—question our worthiness; wonder if we have what it takes; doubt if we can measure up; cringe when we make a mistake; silently kick ourselves when we make a wrong decision; die inside when we allow our flesh to be in control rather than allow the Spirit to lead and guide. I don't think God chose Mary because she was perfect. Rather, I believe He saw that she was willing and available.

That is what He asks of us. Be willing. Be available. Let Me make you the woman I have destined you to be. Less of you—more of Me. Let the world see what can happen when you are simply submitted. When it is all said and done, our worth and value comes from the One who loves us most. Tuck that precious truth in front of the doubts that trouble us and boldyl refuse to believe you are inadequate to fully be the single woman, wife, mom, daughter, and world changer that you are!

And to all of us whose moms are not here to be celebrated, know that the best of your mom lives on in you.  Make her proud!

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