From the Pastor's Wife

The pastor's busy, so you're stuck with my rambling this time 'round. He's also on the "better" computer, and I am fumbling around on Word 2003 version trying to remember how it runs. Each time I hit a button to do something, it is taking "forever" for each step to be recognized and for this whole thing to just RUN...

And I am reminded that "in my patience I possess my soul." I want this computer to run as smoothly and quickly and respond as readily as the newer computer, and it is frustrating me to the point that I am aggravated.

It is so easy to allow our flesh to run how we feel. It is easy to let impatience, anger, frustration, and aggravation be our response to all things that are not going the way we want them to. And whether we prayed today or not, the flesh hops right back into the driver's seat the moment we are not spiritually alert.

We get pretty busy doing the mundane everyday things of life and allow ourselves to become terribly routine in our spiritual walks. We lapse into going through the motions and allow our personal relationship to become obligatory and boring.

Perhaps His plan to have a personal relationship with us is disappointed by our complacency. Our response to His drawing us by His Spirit is, at best, sometimes lazy. He wants us to be excited to be in His presence, to look forward to prayer time, and to eagerly dive into His Word to learn more about Him.

We must decide who we are going to allow in the driver's seat of our lives. Will we let our flesh run the show or will we be in constant contact with Him and die to our flesh daily? To truly enjoy the kingdom of God -- righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost -- we must make this important decision. Not just once...but every day and even many times a day.