God Will Speak

Christians often go through seasons where they don't seem to get answers from the Lord. The normal questions that arise in a person's heart when they don't get answers from the Lord are along the lines of: "Maybe I'm not right with God. Maybe I'm not good enough. Do I need to do something before He'll speak to me? Is God speaking and I'm not hearing?"

It helps to know that the Lord deals with us according to certain principles, and these principles affect how and when the Lord speaks to us.

The first principle is based on relationship. The Born Again person can get answers because of their relationship with the Lord. Since we are His children, we can expect that, as a good Father, the Lord will answer.

The second principle is faith. Faith is a key that opens up God's storehouse of promises. It is faith in God and His Word, and not faith in ourselves, that works. When we think, "I'm not good enough," we are actually thinking about faith in ourselves and not in God.

A third principle is God's Word. God will never answer us in a way that violates His Word. Often the answers we seek are in God's Word, and we just need to pray and seek them out. Often God is speaking, but because we don't know how He thinks, we don't understand or hear what God is saying.

The fourth principle is God's time. Sometimes the Lord doesn't speak until His determined time. In the Bible, there is a 400-year period when God doesn't speak after the death of Joseph until God sends Moses. The children of Israel had to live on the previous word that God had given. We can always get an answer from the Lord, but sometimes we must wait. God told Jeremiah, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not" (Jeremiah 33:3). Teach me, Lord, to wait.