It's Time to Sow

The Bible says, "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy" (Psalm 126:5). Notice that this is a promise form the Lord: if you sow in tears, you will reap in joy. I believe the Bible is saying that, if you endure the pain required to properly sow your field (tears), you are guaranteed a harvest.

In another place, the Bible says that one waters, another sows, but God gives the increase (I Corinthians 3:6-7). The Lord takes responsibility for the increase, but we have the responsibility to plant and water.

Our job as Christians is to plant the seed, which is the Word of God, in the ground, which is the hearts of men. We plant and water by witnessing, testifying, living for the Lord, and telling people the reaseon we have hope in our hearts.

In order for there to be a harvest, there must be a planting. Each one of us as Christians and children of the Lord need to evaluate whether we are planting enough seed to provide an abundant harvest.

Just as there is a natural joy that comes from planting and reaping a harvest, there is also a spiritual joy that comes from planting the Word of God and reaping a spiritual harvest. 

The parable of the talents indicates that we will have to answer to the Lord about how we used the abilities, time, money, and resouces He gave us for His kingdom. Those in church will have to answer to the Lord about what we have done with our resources in sowing in the field of the world. 

I believe the Lord has opened a door for us to both plant and reap. It's time to sow.

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