Thank God for the Truth

We live in a world full of technology which, used in the proper way, can be beneficial. Technology allows the average person to reach and communicate with many people in a way not possible in the past. Technology also allows easier creation of documents and books and the transfer of knowledge through online courses. However, it seems that many people today also use technology to avoid truth. Technology is so advanced that it is being used to create fantasies that can often seem real. People can become immersed in videos and online games to the degree that it can become their reality. People can get so caught up in texting and sites like Facebook that these things can create the illusion of having many friends when the relationships may only be superficial.

There is nothing wrong with imagination in itself as long as what is imagined is not sinful. However, in order to be able to distinguish fantasy from reality, one must know the truth. Technology is being used to accelerate what humanity has always done, and that is to try and hide from their problems and God. Those that have escaped the illusions of this world and sin through the blood of Jesus Christ need to thank the Lord for truth. Jesus said that, if we continue in his words, then we are His disciples and we will know the truth and the truth will make us free (John 8:31-32). It takes truth to free a soul from the bondage of sin, and that truth is that Jesus is our Savior and the only way to God (John 14:6). Truth is necessary to worship the Lord, and God is looking for those that worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24).

As the coming of the Lord draws closer, the illusions of the world and sin will increase. The Bible tells us that God will allow delusions in the world to separate those that don't love truth (II Thessalonians 2:9-12). We must understand that there is a price for truth, and part of that price will be division and separation. Jesus stated that he came to send a sword and that he would cause division even within households (Matthew 10:34-37). We must hold onto the truth which has been delivered to us (Jude 1:3). In the end, it is the truth that makes us free, and Jesus is that truth.


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