What Are You Building?

As we live in this End Time before the coming of the Lord, we know that there is a storm coming. Jesus likened the End Time to the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39).

In Noah's day, I'm sure that a common question to Noah was, "What are you building?" When Noah answered, "I'm building an ark because God is going to bring a flood," I'm sure that there were other questions like, "Does it have to be so big?" "Why are you using gopher wood?" "Do you have to pitch both inside and outside? Isn't pitch on the outside enough?" "How come there is only one door?" "Why are there three floors?" "Noah, you've been working on that ark for 100 years now and still there hasn't been a flood."

As Christians waiting for the second coming of the Lord, we are, in a sense, like Noah building an ark that is going to take us through the storms of life. People often ask, "Why do you go to church so much?" You answer, "I'm building an ark." “Why do you pray so much?” I'm building an ark. "Why do you live holy?" I'm building an ark. Just as it took a special type of wood specified by God for Noah’s ark, it takes a special type of living specified by God to be ready for the storm.

People may wonder why you are concerned about what you watch and think, but just as Noah needed pitch inside and outside, we need holiness inside and outside. As Christians, we've been given a plan for the storm that will come just as Noah had. In a sense, we are building an ark when we pray, worship, meditate on the Word, and live holy lives in this world. 

There is no indication that Noah was worried about the coming flood. Noah had a plan from God, followed it, and was delivered. We have a plan from the Lord; if we follow it, we will be delivered. What are you building?