God's Methods

It is very important to remember that God doesn't use the same methods to accomplish His purposes as the world does. The world always wants something bigger, better, flashier, sleeker, more in style, newer, or unique. The Bible tells us that God uses weak things, foolish things, base things, things which are despised, and things which are nought (I Cor 1:27-28).

Gideon and the Midianites are an example of how God uses things the world would reject (Judges ch. 6-7). God called Gideon and anointed him to gather Israel and fight the Midianites. The Lord reduced Gideon's army from 32,000 men down to 300. Gideon then told the 300 men to take a trumpet and an empty pitcher with a lamp placed inside of it.

God sent 300 men with trumpets, pitchers, and lamps against an army that filled a whole valley. Gideon didn't even tell the men to take a sword, but a trumpet, pitcher, and a lamp. In the world's eyes this is foolish. There were not enough men, and no weapons. The secret was that God was going to do the fighting, but he just needed someone to stand up, believe, and obey.

The items that God impressed Gideon's army to use represent things a Christian has in his life. The pitcher represents our human bodies (II Cor 4:7). The lamp in the pitcher represents the Holy Ghost in us. The trumpet represents the Gospel message which needs to be sounded put. When believers with the Holy Ghost let that light shine out from their vessel of clay and sound the trumpet of the Gospel message, amazing things can happen. A few people in the dark night of this world can cause the Spirit of God to defeat the enemy.

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