One God

As Apostolics, we stand for the belief that God is one indivisible being, who created all things and manifested Himself in the person of Jesus Christ to be our Savior (Deuteronomy 6:4, Mark 12:29).

The concept of one God, who is also one being, is what gives us stability. Our concept of truth is rooted in the idea that there is only one God and that the truth we have comes from His being and character. If there were many "gods," each god would have its own truth.

When people have more than one god, it manifests itself in a person's life as multiple sets of truth. They will have a set of truths that they apply in church, a different set of truths at their jobs, a different set when it comes to their private lives; even a set of truths they apply in relationships, a set of truths you can apply to succeed, a set of truths for being popular, etc.

When a person truly believes there is only one God, then that one God's Word becomes our truth, and that truth becomes the basis for our actions and attitudes in all situations in life.

If we proclaim the truth of one God, let us also make sure that He is God in all areas of our lives. Don't bow to the god of fear or the god of fashion. Don't bow to the god of success, the god of popularity, or the god of culture. Don't bow to the god of intellectualism. Let's make sure that, in all we do, we apply the one God's truth and law to all areas of our lives. We need truth to worship the Lord, and we need truth to set us apart as the Lord's (John 4:24, 17:17). We need truth to be free (John 8:31-32).